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2018 MSLax 8U Sign-up


Spring 2018-U8 League and Jamboree

Thank you all for your help and time with filling out the survey for U8. We have found I believe a happy place to start for our first year doing U8. As always this might not seem perfect but we all feel like it is a great starting point, and we can always adapt as we go forward. 

Please note that our over goal at MSLAX is to grow the game, and have girls have a great experience with lacrosse so that they stick with it. I really stress the importance of keeping U8 FUN, so if you can relay that to anyone working with your littles that would be greatly appreciated.

Below you will find our registration links, one for the team and the other for a free clinic MSLAX will be hosting on March 31st at the Shakopee arena from 12-1: 30 pm. This clinic is for both kids and coaches, for the coaches, we will be giving tips and drills to do while coaching this level. If you have any direct questions Laura Child, email phone number 858-210-9856

Please note that after we get the team registrations we will create an email group so groups may coordinate scrimmages, as association leaders understand their areas and how far their families are willing to travel.


  • The season will run May - June, for 2018 specifically  May 1st - June 30th.

May was selected for this age group because of outdoor fields usually open at this time.  Young players spend most of the time with the ball on the ground.  Chasing balls on Indoor gym floors does not facilitate skill development.

  • Ending the season by the end of June creates a reasonable length season appropriate for the age group that does not unduly burden families.   Our goal is to grow the sport, not deter new players

  • Registration Fee is $60 per team + US Lacrosse ID for each player

    • No paid referees, coaches will self-Ref

    • No tournament

    • 2 Jamborees included in Registration

    • US Lacrosse ID required for insurance

  • 2 Jamborees will be hosted in 2018 (this will grow as teams increase)

Jamborees will be hosted on Sundays.  (Many communities need the support of HS Student Coaches and they are most available during this day as are fields.)

Teams may organize scrimmages with other teams at their own discretion

Rules of Game & Equipment

  • We will follow US Lacrosse U8 rules (see below) with following exceptions:

  • Both Goggles and Mouthguards are Required (due to insurance)

  • If 3x3 goals are not available a standard goal may be flipped so that the triangle end may be used

  • The one pass rule may be adjusted at half-time by mutual agreement of coaches to manage the pace of play and fun.

  • Coaches may agree on periods at beginning of the game as two-12 minute halves or four-6 minute quarters.



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Childs Laura


Phone: 858-210-9856